May 23, 2024


MariaNella also known as “Nella”

I was born in Venezuela, and I remembered socializing in parties on my teen years 1980’s when I discovered the joy to dance. I could be lost in time on the arms of a male friend swirling me around, laughing and exploring rhythm and our non-verbal communication at the background of music. This was my first experience of move in joy. 

Later, after my practice as an accountant, exercise addict, flamenco lover, Osho’s sannyasin, traveler, vipassana meditator, wife and mother of two, life took me to a different space and place. Living in New Zealand in 2004, I missed to move at the rhythm of Latin music and my exercise routine needed the music that moved my heart and soul.  Then my sister introduced me Zumba in Miami. Wow!!!!! music, fun and a new life started for me when I rescued part of my playful nature. My life was changed again, this time by Zumba!!!!! and my husband agrees when he says that “Zumba changed my wife”.  What a match!!!!! 

The family moved to Australia, Noosa and started to teach Zumba in 2008. Life is an adventure and ZumbaNoosa has been a vessel that takes me to a life exploration in conjunction with my Communication, Elemental Coaching and Counseling studies that I took part later on. 

Progressively, I started to experience a different meaning to my Zumba Classes. Going through personal life experiences of despondent, celebration, stress and frustration, I found that my classes provided a space to dance all emotions together – the pleasant and the no pleasant ones. They transcended and transformed through each move, disconnected from the mind and the stories attached to it. As a consequence, I was left with trust and joy for the experience of life. 

By sharing personal experiences in our exemplary trusty group, I confirmed the richness and commonality of the results of the participants were having. Which gave birth to new intention to our classes in addition to enriching us  with acceptance, kindness, and belonging 

Zumba created a link to connect with my purpose in life which is to move through life with Joy. 

“MOVE IN JOY” introduce Dance moves with the intention to experience a joyful life now. It is your birthright!  Also offers solution-focused based counseling and coaching sessions.