May 23, 2024

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Nis america advertise pandorahearts contest

Nis Pandora Charms Sale america has announced that beginning today they will begin the”Pandorahearts period up!Off into abyss, dood, competition.

The contest is for the upcoming release of part one of the pandorahearts anime series release, which is reserved to hit stores october 26th, any similar day that the contest ends.Of full entries three winners will receive copies of the pandorahearts vol.1 Premium Edition as well as a unique 20’x13′ poster.

Do you want to gorious path of hidden clocks?You will embark on a quest to find questions hidden over our anime pages of pandorahearts, monk deity, personality2, yet toradora!2.Try to look through dark clock somewhere on these pages, and there is a question.There are a total of 6 questions that need to be answered correctly to avoid wasting your freedom from the abyss and win the prize.

When you answer something, you will get a time.Enter all 6 times Pandora Opal Beads on the contest, sweepstakes page and win!
uld like the opportunity to win the prize you can visit the nis america official site and find the clocks, like the one in the graphic aboce, spread all through the anime section.

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