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1.How much quicker the chinese adapt new technology

Brands anywhere in the world want to dominate market share in china, and it’s easy to see why there are always plenty of people to buy marketing.With the fastest growing middle class over the world, there is also greater levels of disposable income to spend on consumer goods.I had an event last week of just how quickly the chinese population adapt new gadgets and discard the old.I have a computer tablet and after 2 years of damage and travelling, my lovely bright red leather case that is a very handy carrying solution to the tablet, is looking a little worse for a wear on many of the edges.

Available in such city of 7 million odd people, there are loads of places where you can buy computer accessories, to include the markets, to street vendors, which are all incredibly cheap to shopping area which are definitely western prices.

I figure it’s a fashion accessory item, so i’ll get one from the markets that is reasonable, but does the effort, and when it fades away or i get tired of it, it’s only been a cheap item and i can correct another.I also figured that given how many tablet cases that would have been manufactured here, surely there would definitely some for sale sadly not.

No wonder companies invest millions on brand awareness in this country the sheer mass of individuals available to be early adapters(Marketing speak for individuals want the new technology first and don’t care how much it costs,)Offers a very attractive return on that promotion spend,

2.An anti piracy getting together with in beijing

We decided to go to beijing last weekend, and for diverse reasons, it’s been delayed for a few weeks, and just as well because the shopping probabilities would have been drastically affected had we been there anytime over this last week.

As anyone who has ever(Or yes hasn’t)Been to china knows, this is the world’s largest source of copies of luxury brands much to the chagrin on the custodians of these brands who trade and rely on a sector of the population that thinks nothing of spending a monthly loan payment on a handbag, or a year’s worth of the same home loan payments on a watch.

Unique for show, or they are genuinely trying to stop paying it, the chinese state and federal regime, through their state cerebral property office, say them to be continuing to take steps and put measures in place to stamp out the piracy of everything ranging from software and computer products through to watches, fashion musician clothing, bracelets, clutches and luggage.

So there was a global anti piracy discussion hosted in beijing last week, and so, all of the markets in beijing that are notoriously excellent stockists of every copy goods from brand imaginable, were raided the week before the conference and a bunch of their copy merchandise confiscated for a week.

I see it as a bit like a giant hose with numerous holes, you might plug among the holes and stop the water coming out there, but it then just finds another hole to come out of.Whether there can ever be a stride, directive or action plan put in place that would stamp out the completely is pretty questionable.

3.Every day goods that are missing in china

The action that the panda and i are having here in north east china is constantly interesting, sometimes trying, but primarily, fantastic.Living in a country where no one speaks any english certainly enables you to much sharper on your charade skills, and definitely teaches you a much deeper appreciation of how to read and respond to gesture.In a natural manner, there are times that you miss being around your friends and relations but thanks to skype, no one ever feels too miles away.

Whilst it comes with an ever constant increase of western influence in chinese society, with the roll-Out of fast food restaurants.However in your house kitchen, other than possibly in the homes of very wealthy chinese people, the world is still largely very eastern.From this, i mean that most homes will have one or two hot plates or gas burners, as there was no oven either free standing or built in.

His or her society gets more affluent, this will vary and ovens will become more common, primarily us, even in any western styled apartment, there are just two hot plates with the food prep we managed to find a free standing Ralph Lauren Shirts Outlet UK oven for about $100 australian dollars that does the job, but it’s just a basic metal box with bar elements bottom and top, and a glass door that is not the greatest keeper of heat but we get by and i’ve managed to master cooking other parts of it.

And without having an oven, not in the big cities like beijing and shanghai, it is pretty much unattainable baking paper and when stock of it does come into one of the department stores here in the chun, you’re lucky to get take off $10 for a small roll of it!Luckily the panda’s mum has sent up some care packages with a couple of 30 metre rolls that will definitely satisfy our needs for the rest of our time here but it’s just a simple example of things that we overlook on our own supermarket shelves back home that are really not commonly used items in china.

4.Donations blood in china

In a country of the size, having sufficient supplies in blood banks for as well as surgical needs is pretty important, and you might assume that with a population of this size and a government enforcing rules they way they seem to with multiple issues, it really should not a problem right?Hmmmm, awry.

As the education process becomes simpler and people let go of old fears and listen to the modern tcm doctors who urge them to donate to benefit their health, younger generations of adults are more accepting and supportive of the concept, and if they will convince their parents to let them donate(Of, chinese parents seem to still have a very strong influence over their kids well into their 20’s)But there are numerous rather extreme preparation methods in place to maximise the buy in,

The preparation includes being informed 2 weeks prior to when your blood donation appointment is, and when you are  of warm, adding nourishment to food no cold food!

onate, it’s endorsed that you have rest for 2 weeks with no work and more nourishing, energy reinforcing food to build up you blood supply and stamina again.

From things i can gather, within the armed forces actually run the blood donation program, and there may even be some compulso

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