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Green Beads media interface plus enables

Mercedes offers retrofit add-On to add pandora

Mercedes has expanded the functions its media interface and they’re accessible thanks to a new plug and play cable.Called media interface plus and that will work with the iphone 3g, 3gs and 4 and many types of blackberry devices, an added connectivity includes the integration of pandora via an iphone cable or through bluetooth streaming with the blackberry.You can too download your phone book, and if you’re stationery, you can play any other video and audio from your iphone on the console display.The $289 cable be beneficial in any m b that has the media interface.Follow the jump for all your info.

In vehicle connectivity takes a advancement with introduction of ‘media interface plus’ on mercedes benz vehicles

Montvale, nj and / or palo alto, calif, april.15 /PRNewswire/ bmw Benz USA(Mbusa)Today announced the available appointments of the media interface plus(Mip), An new vehicle accessory which enables drivers to retrofit their Mercedes Benz to play and controora(The leading specific radio application)And various other streaming audio content from their smartphone, using the vehicle’s premium speakers.

Media interface plus expands the basic functions of the car or truck’s media interface(Standard or optional in accordance with model), Enhancing in vehicle interaction.A plug and play equipment, mip seamlessly integrates with the mercedes benz mbrace suite of services and cell phone apps.It requires no installment:Customers simply connect mip to the current media interface outlet(In the glove vehicle or center armrest)And enjoy an unprecedented range of new features using the existing intuitive program.

“Media interface plus is an exciting extension of responsibility to provide cutting edge, versatile recreation solutions for mercedes Pandora Black Beads benz vehicles, said audra treiber, gm of after sales business development for mbusa. “We were the first vehicle type to fully integrate the ipod and launch mbrace smartphone apps that control vehicle functions from the iphone and blackberry and extended mercedes benz concierge beyond the vehicle.We are always looking to push the boundary of in vehicle connectivity to keep pace with our customers’ lifestyles and objectives,

The mip provides a simple to operate interface with the pandora application running on any iphone 3g, 3gs as iphone 4.For bb devices, the mip enables bluetooth wireless audio streaming of pandora as well as simple domination of the currently playing track.A bluetooth wireless link is also used to stream and control sound files from ipod, iphone or any other gadgets devices supporting bluetooth audio streaming.

The result is seamless integration of remarkable sound quality, the capability to charge an ipod or iphone, and the convenience of using familiar interfaces to access the new features it offers through radio and controls controls for music playback.

It also, when involved using a special video cable, the Pandora Green Beads media interface plus enables customers to play ipod or iphone video content on your pickup display when the car is at a standstill.

The media interface plus was made in collaboration with mercedes benz research development north america, corporation. (Mbrdna)Near palo alto, the state of southern washington dc, the center of the silicon valley.Johann jungwirth, us web design manager ceo, mbrdna mentioned,”Once again mercedes benz demonstrates its engineering leadership with this product as first to market integration of pandora internet radio by an automotive oem.

About mercedes benz research development europ

Mercedes benz research development canada and america, corporation. (Mbrdna)Based in palo alto, idaho, was identified in 1995, to pay attention to research, advanced industrial, product and testing, not to mention new advanced design concepts.Innovations include the plug-In of the ipod and iphone into mercedes benz models.Amazing”Find and send”Ability, which is an easy and convenient way to plan your trip destinations with google maps and send them to the vehicle well suited for mbrace.One of its most recently released product innovations is the smart drive app for the iphone.The company continues to deliver the innovation that extends the engineering leadership of mercedes benz vehicles.

About bmw benz usa

Bmw benz usa(Mbusa), Based in Montvale, Nj-New jersey, is in charge of the distribution, marketing and customer service for all mercedes benz and maybach products inside.Mbusa offers drivers the most diverse line up in the luxury segment with 12 model lines between the sporty c class to the flagship s class sedans and the sls amg supercar.

Mbusa is also accountable for the distribution, marketing and support services of mercedes benz sprinter vans in the us.Everyone i know that has satellite radio either has it because it’s free making use of their car for a year, or they do not know that pandora kicks satellite to the curb!I was just having this verbal exchanges with a coworker.Before i had sirius, then i canceled that this sucked.I went along to xm, but just didn’t similar to the reduction station mix.I terminated that, and now i just use pandora or slacker over my phones.Definitely, the only benefit of satellite is that you can get nfl or mlb anywhere in the country.

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Report abuse permalinki never get it one of the great benefits of pandora is you select a station and from what i’ve experienced it does a pretty good job of playing similar music.Even if i want to change the station having the capability to do it from the steering wheels vs reaching to the phone(If stopped sure)Isn’t a huge obstacle.As for audio i get pretty decent sound from just a 5/8 additional jack which costs all of $2.50 from radio station Shack.

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