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Performers have field day in sex and the city 2

Graphic gallery:Satc trends

Sex and its fab four are back.And so are their current fashions statements, revealed today in the sequel to the smash hit 2008 flick:Carrie’s admired and flirty looks, samantha’s bombshell flavors, Ralph Lauren UK Sale charlotte’s fifth avenue approach and miranda’s responding to business appeal.

With a $10 million wardrobe budget for Ralph Lauren Women garments(,Lanvin),Jogging situation(,)And tools(,Herms,Chanel),The fashion is extravagant a mix of understated glamour and ott flash. For these along with their style choices,Thanks to wardrobe maven,Annoying in between.

And the costume changes whether you can call being draped in dior a costume nonstop.Wears 41 looks the particular film’s two and a half hour run time. (Amount are from halston, where parker is an innovative director. )

“The costume design is delicate and involved, parker says in sex and this town 2:The tales.The style.The action(, $19.95, 176 web sites), A helper book to the film. “We spent half of this movie at the heart east, and that dictated a big portion of the design, being in a world that has certain religious, ideological, so because of this fashion requirements for women.It was a sort of math problem for us to solve, how to not be chaste and yet still be completely covered for most the movie.

“I could step up and use that as a jumping board to really make the clothing gorgeous and not be concerned with reality so much,

Director told cyphers that as he began to publish the sequel, the economy had dipped and he was very aware o


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