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kelliewinnell village officials say t

Chatham police chief retiring Pandora Braceletswww.kelliewinnell.com.au/ today Chatham police chief retiring today Chatham when roy barnett was selected chatham police chief in february 1988, the former springfield police agency thought it would be a temporary job.Picture(Then village chief executive don moore)Had 15 months to go in his term and he wanted somebody prior to the next election.But then resulting mayors reappointed me, barnett assumed.Three more town presidents and 21 years later, the 70 year old springfield native will quickly retire.Barnett reports to work going back time today.Sgt.Jim dodson serve as interim chief until a permanent alternative is selectedsitting behind his cleaned out desk wednesday, barnett reflected on how the department has kept up with the village growing population.Chatham used 6, 000 people and a single traffic light when barnett arrived after retiring from the springfield police department as deputy chief of surgical procedures.He spent greater 20 years with springfield police, including stints in the detective bureau and internal affairs division chatham police program had only five officers when barnett took over.There also was no command rule in place, and he had to work under many of the village long time residents.Remember when the board first questioned me for the job.I go out and opal lee(The community late unofficial historian)Was waiting in a little hallway we had out there.She made, the new chief?I considered that, uncertain, they voting to it.She had identified, going to monitor you.In no way thought forgot that, barnett said with a have a good laugh.It was a big treatment at first.Think it harder to run a small department as opposed to a big department, only because you have so much support at the big sections.It in contrast to here, where the chief or sergeant can be point deal with records or go down and be the janitor at times, he explained.But barnett enjoyed working with town and village staff.He established a command structure these include an eligibility list for sergeant positions.He also sought grants to hire more officers and buy gym unit.Main crisis, because well, we had for many people years is we hire people and they love working here.Simply springfield, the state and the county paid a lot more money when this occurs, contributing to every two years we lose someone.But then the council brought salaries and benefits up to compete.The office has 14 officers, in particular three sergeants, which cover 21 moves per week.The authorities protect the village 5.73 square miles and that are 12, 000 human beings, Barnett being spoken. Page 2 of 2 might need service, from year to year, just carry on up and up and up, barnett thought.Not really much thee as it is calls for accidents.The greatest thing here is getting people to lock their car doors.A chatham official before barnett took the helm, credited him with moving the split forward.Has got to be tough act for a chief to follow.Been a good way to work, he explained. Chatham sgt.Told them i would stick around until they had the buying process and the new chief in and comfortable, he was quoted saying.Don have a rigid program, in the slightest, for when i wish to leave.56 and a betrothed father of two, Has spent his entire police arrest career in Chatham, Joining the department as a part time officer keep away from 1976.No rush to name barnett replacementchatham kelliewinnell village officials say they won rush into naming an enduring successor for retiring police chief roy barnett.Want are very important we make certain that everybody gets a fair chance, village director of direction and utilities del mccord said during tuesday village board meeting.The village president now appoints the chief, and the village board must give its appreciation.


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